An Invitation

Tomorrow is Eleanor Lilly’s Celebration. I want to make it clear that all are invited. I want to especially invite each of the professionals who cared for her and me and our whole family during this very sad journey. I’d like to see you and share her pictures with you, and thank you.
Tomorrow is about life. I’m sure we’ll all be sad, but it’s something we have to go through, not around. There will be so much joy and love too, I am only somewhat aware of the beautiful party that is being generously and tirelessly pulled together by so many loved ones. Please consider including her Celebration as an important beginning to your own healing. Eleanor would love to have you come. Sincerely, Susan Hines

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  • Musa MosesSo many of us can’t be with physically, but we are with you spiritually. It is a great day and like you say, its something that we need to go through, not round. While she will forever be on our mind and in our hearts, may God give us the grace to heal from the pains.
  • Peggy RingSusan–I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through, yet you still think of everyone else…hugs and prayers… I wish there was more to help ease your pain, the words I’m sorry are so inadequate… Thinking of you
  • Jennifer RickerWe are with you in spirit Susan while you and the family and friends celebrate your beautiful daughter and know that we are thinking of you all. Love you all very much!
  • Sharon HornWe will be praying and thinking of you and your family today.
  • Patricia Kleen BilladeauThank you Susan, You and all your family are SO in our prayers. Enjoy today as you celebrate your precious daughter, and forever more.
    God’s unending love to you Susan.
  • Pat Louise Hines HuenkeSorry we can’t be there, but our hearts are with you!!!

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