Tokens of Love

Good morning everyone,
It feels uncomfortable to ‘ask’ for any more, but some of you are wanting to know about bringing Eleanor a small gift today. We are planning several gardens and garden beds here at home, at her school and possibly other places. I had made my daughters a ‘fairy garden’ in our front yard but never had the time to put any fairies or woodland creatures or fairy houses in.  If you or your child would like to bring a token, your local nursery or craft store can help you find something she would love.  Of course, general plants or garden art including stakes so we can remember who sent what, or anything you find significant will be welcomed warmly.  Hoping to see you all soon.
Photos: AgFest 2012
DSCF4068 DSCF4079 DSCF4088 DSCF4090 DSCF4097 DSCF4098 DSCF4102 DSCF4105 DSCF4083

  • Gabby HeusserSusan, the girls and I will bring something for the garden soon. We love your family so much and know He is carrying you through this time.
  • Steven D RickerHi susan the service was soo wonderful. I’m glad we came. Just remember always cherish your daughter. God bless you. We love and miss you u. Hope to see u soon.

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