Mohawk Memories

How about a memory? When Eleanor was born, she had beautiful dark skin and hair (clearly from her Daddy’s Native American influence and not my ultra day-glo pedigree). Her hair was almost black and it was long… especially in a strip down the middle of her head. Over the first few months as her newborn hair fell out/wore out, the mohawk remained. I even had to snip about three strands of it that got into her eyes. People would often ask us if we cut her hair that way? Nope, it’s just how she came! She was a pretty contented baby most of the time although she had a fondness for binkies which her sister had never displayed. She often had a fairly serious look on her face and her dad always thought she looked like, “do you guys really know what you’re doing? I don’t think you do… you say you do, but I’m not sure.” And when she was born, Bella had just turned two six weeks earlier so I was sure she would not want to say Eleanor, and instead we nicknamed her Nora. But from the beginning, Bella regarded her as ‘Baby Eleanor’ or to be more exact, ‘Baby Ey ya nor’. So sweet!

Susan Hines's photo.
Susan Hines's photo.
Susan Hines's photo.
Susan Hines's photo.
Susan Hines's photo.
Eva Miller Collins Keeping you and your family in my prayers. What a sweet story. heart emoticon

Misty Van Pelt
Misty Van Pelt Such sweet memories Susan, thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Ricker
Jennifer Ricker You amaze us with your strong will and courage. Your beliefs will carry you through although I know it will take time.

Michele Lynn Hall
Carol Locke
Carol Locke Thanks for sharing with us Susan.You and Bella have some very special memories

Heidi Howard Graves
Heidi Howard Graves Sweet memories. Keep sharing…..

Gailene Thiel
Gailene Thiel I agree with the comments above. Just keep sharing because I love reading everything you write about Eleanor, Bella and yourself. Love you girl and continuing to hold you and your family up in prayer.

Amy Hannan Lieuallen
Amy Hannan Lieuallen Each of your posts have me crying, smiling, and grieving with you – I love seeing these and knowing what you are feeling and how to pray for you. I also believe that your transparency will help others that have gone through this and will go through this in the future. Love you Susan!!

Emily Boom
Emily Boom I’ll never forget her fantastic baby mohawk smile emoticon continuing to pray for you guys.

Debbie Hagopian Nance
Debbie Hagopian Nance Yes! Thanks for sharing!!! Praying too…..

Terri Wilson Austin
Terri Wilson Austin Nothing better than a mommy’s special moments… heart emoticon

Danna E. Garcia

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