I’ve been thinking about prayer and how it feels to have so much of it surrounding us. I have heard many of my close family and friends tell me that I don’t know how many people and groups of people are praying for us… across the country and across the oceans. Two things: I can feel it, and I’d love to hear from you. First I want you to know (and share with those who’ve been praying for us) how much I really can tell. It’s like a cushion of air, softening the sharp realities of what I’m going through. I think this is the first time in my life that I can tangibly feel that people are praying for me, for us. Thank you. Secondly, I think it would be kind of cool to have a count of the amazing number of people who are praying. Could you send me the name of your church and number of people participating, also the state or country you are in? Or your bible study, family or friends who’ve been caring from me. It really is making a huge difference in my life, especially now. Help me tell the world what prayer can really do. ~Susan
  • Stephanie BickleI love you so much Susan. You amaze me!
  • Kathy Carpenter CullettOk, here’s what I know from my people. A church in Japan is praying for you, you are on City Bible’s prayer chain which goes out to many thousands and Brooks Assembly’s of God stopped their service and prayed for you Sunday night and continue to do so, we have had at least 15 households here in our neighborhood who have verbally told me they are praying, not to mention the many on face book who have written of their prayers. I have many friends who have told me their bible studies are lifting you up as well. The Riddle Open Bible Church too is holding you up. Oh and the WV Christian School here in Brooks has been praying too. My mom and mother-in-law are praying and Satan doesn’t have a chance when those 2 pray. We love you so much and won’t stop the prayers, We can feel them too.
  • Amy Hannan LieuallenMe.. . My family (mumsy, shamus and his family, my Wednesday night church book study group.
  • Michelle MccartyMe, Cisko and Belinda and everyone we know on Facebook and at home
  • Dolores VanceNew Harvest Church people have been praying, plus many of my christian friends at work for the State, including those that have retired.
  • Christopher DavidThe prayer chain at Morning Star, Salem has been praying for you.
  • Tara LeeFaith Free Evangelical Church, plus numerous Facebook friends-too countless to number. hugs prayers
  • Gailene ThielKeizer Community Church Prayer Warriors are praying for you and your family and Jesus Community Church in Stevensville, Montana Prayer Warriors are praying for you and your family; my brother and I are praying for you and your family and others I have asked for prayer along the way. You are loved my sweet friend.
  • Susan HinesCrying hard tonight. I miss my baby. Then I come here and find your loving responses. I can’t say I feel better, but I do find comfort in your love and support. Thank you.
  • Christine RiveraOur whole family is praying for you and your family!
  • Dana Joyce BirchSusan it’s hard to know how the ripple effect of a strong prayer chain can multiply, but it does. The prayer of the righteous avails much. God knows you are a warrior and now are on the front lines of the battle!! I know of 20 holding you up in prayer .
  • Susan HinesSo… if households average 3; a church/school counts for 100, prayer chains about 50 (except the ‘thousands’ one, we’ll give that one 1000), and a bible study averages around 8…. that makes:
  • Susan HinesKathy’s count:
    1495 people (not counting those on FB)
    Amy’s count:
    17 people
    Michelle’s count:
    6 people
    Dolores’ count:
    13 people
    Chris’s count:
    53 people
    Tara’s count:
    113 people
    Gailene’s count:
    112 people
    Christine’s count:
    (I happen to know there are four households) 12
    Dana’s count:
    23 people
  • Susan HinesTotal of 1808 just listed here….
  • Susan HinesPretty amazing. Maybe I’ll check other posts for others to add….
  • Dana Joyce BirchFor everyone you know about then double that as unknown .
  • Susan Hineshee hee… I like the way you think!!
  • Jennifer RickerOur family of 4 our church at Sacred Heart in Michigan and St Paul’s catholic church and friends and family and school. We are praying for you and the family Susan . God bless you and your beautiful spirit!!
  • Denise PerkinsSusan, I’m praying, daily for you & your family, as well as the home group families.
  • Danna E. GarciaI’m praying, and I posted it on my wall.
  • Danna E. GarciaMichael Pantalone also posted it to his followers. Many believers are praying. It’s the Body of Christ at work.
  • Michael Pantalone · Friends with Danna E. Garcia

    Susan, I grieved so strongly upon hearing the news of Eleanor’s death. My heart cries in anguish over your sense of loss. I posted the information that Danna had posted on her wall and had friends sending messages asking him what had happened. Some knSee More
  • Ashley SniffenThe church I attend is praying, and a man who knows the EMT that helped said they are praying, too. The group chain that knows them, too is praying.
  • Susan Trask · 5 mutual friends

    Us, at Fellowship Church, that met you at Zumba are praying!
  • Becky Shetka OlsonI know this is an old thread, but thought it the most appropriate place to let you know, my best friend in Virginia said her church has you on her prayer list, have had the entire time from the day I found out and started praying myself.
  • Petra AlvarezHi Susan, still praying and will continue to do so- Petra and Lupe

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